Coastal Ecosystems: Resources, Sustainable Development, and Protective Management


We are pleased to announce that 2021 International Conference on Coastal Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (CESD 2021) will be held on 30-31 January, 2021, Changsha, China.


CESD 2021 aims to bring together innovative academicians and industrial experts in the field of Coastal Research to join us in this academic communication platform. The goal of the conference is to promote not only scientific and technology development in Coastal Research related fields but also the scientific information communication between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas face-to-face, to establish business or research relations as well as to find global partners for future collaborations.

CESD 2021 is co-sponsored by Wuhan SPLD Cultural Co., Ltd., China, Hong Kong ShenYi International Cultural Communication Co., Limited and Hongkong International Education and Science Research Society, HIESRS. CESD 2021 only accept unpublished articles. The reviewing process of CESD 2021 conference aims to provide authors with constructive feedback on their papers, even when a submission is rejected. All submissions will be subjected to double-blind peer reviews by at least TWO reviewers, who are expert or have been experiencing in the related field for years. 

All accepted articles will be published by a SCI journal: Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) as a special issue - Coastal Ecosystems: Resources, Sustainable Development, and Protective Management, which will be submitted to Web of Science Science Citation Index (SCI). This conference is held to promote academic exchanges, no information about the conference will appear in publications and index reports. 本次会议的举办是为了促进学术交流,任何有关会议的信息将不会出现在出版物和检索报告中。

This year we have faced the threat of the new coronavirus spread, this threat has led to the isolation of a large number of people. Taking into account the current situation, we adopt the combination of reality and virtual conference. In this connection, we are not bounded by geographic location and time zone, We hope that this format of the conferences will be quite effective and perhaps in the future will provide an opportunity to participate in events.

Themes (But not limited to): 

I  Natural Environment

II  Resources Protection & Management

III  Environmental Change and Ecosystems






Marine  Resource Development and Protection

Yellow  & Yangtze River Resource Development and Protection

Lake  Resources Development and Protection

Water-Saving  Agriculture

Water-Saving  Industry and Technology

Water  Resources Management

Sustainable  Governance System

Ocean,  Lake & River Governance

Water  Source Governance

Environmental  Policy

Environmental  Management

Ecological  Protection


Wetland  Protection and Restoration



Aquaculture  and Fishery Engineering

Water  and Sand Control

Comprehensive  Control of Soil Erosion

Flood  Control and Disaster Reduction Systems

Seawater  Desalination

Sewage  Treatment

IV  Water Economy & Management

V  Coastal Engineering

VI  Coastal Economic Development

Water  Resources

Water  Ecology

Water  Environment

Water  Disaster Management

Water  Quality Improvement

Groundwater  Resource Utilization and Protection

Watershed  Ecological Protection

Carrying  Capacity of Water Resources

Conservation  of Water Resources

Intensive  Use of Water Resources Conservation

Marine  and Maritime Science

Coastal  Engineering

Ship  Science

Marine  Engineering

Water  Transportation Engineering

Submersible  Science

Marine  Geology and Life Sciences

Water  Conservancy Science

Water  Conservancy Engineering


Flood  Control and Siltation Prevention of Water Conservancy Projects

Water  Conservancy Machinery and Its Systems

Sustainable  Economy

Coastal  Economic Development

Coastal  Economy

Port  Economy

Marine  Logistics

Ocean  Transportation

Economic  Development along the River

Water  Source Economy

Submit Your Articles

Articles submitted should be written in English, with a minimum length limit of 10 printed pages (Typesetting according to the template), including all the figures, tales, references, and appendices. All submissions must be made electronically in DOC format following the guidelines of  JCR Template.docx.

Articles Submission

Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit Articles. 
All Articles should be written in English and submitted via Email:



Registration Fee

Your Choice


18000 RMB/2650 USD



17000 RMB/2550 USD


Second Paper (In addition to  one full registration)

16000 RMB/2450 USD


Extra Pages (exceed 10 pages)

2000 RMB/290 USD



1500 RMB/220 USD


Additional Hard-copy Journals

500 RMB/80 USD


Mailing Proceedings Fee

350 RMB/50 USD






All CESD 2021 Articles will be published by a SCI journal: Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) as a special issue - Coastal Ecosystems: Resources, Sustainable Development, and Protective Management, which will be indexed by Web of Science Science Citation Index (SCI).

Online ISSN: 1551-5036; Print ISSN: 0749-0208; Impact Factor: 1.053.

Journal of Coastal Research (JCR):

Publication Ethics

All submitted Articles should be original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical.


If a case of plagiarism or other type of serious scientific misconduct comes to light after a paper is published, the Conference Committee will conduct a preliminary investigation. If serious scientific misconduct is found, the committee will contact the author's institute and funding agencies. A determination of misconduct will lead Conference Committee to retract the paper.

Redundant publication

Authors must avoid the submission of redundant articles. Redundant (or duplicate) publication, as defined by the Conference Committee of Editors is publication of a paper that overlaps substantially with one already published in print or electronic media. Salami publishing will not be tolerated by Conference Committee. This is defined as the authors covering the same population, methods, and question in previous studies they have published with only minor or incremental changes in what they report. Conference Committee considers this may be an attempt to bias the literature. If there is any hint of redundancy, the author should send the potentially overlapping paper and explain, in the covering letter, why it is necessary to include the material and why it should not be regarded as redundant.

Important Dates

Final Submission Due: Before 30 October, 2020

Acceptance Notification: Before 15 November, 2020

Registration Complete: In one week after received acceptance notification

Conference Date: 30-31 January, 2021

Publication Date: 2021

Conference Venue

Vienna International Hotel


Address: No.540, Furong Middle Road, Changsha (Hunan International Trade Financial Center)



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